Bonds in San Antonio Texas

Many businesses and contracting companies utilize the various benefits bonds provide. Despite popular belief, a bond is not an insurance policy; rather, it is a guarantee that covers a variety of named perils. At Jerry R. Carnahan Insurance, we specialize in providing both large and small Texas businesses with the following types of bonds:

  • Performance Bonds – These bonds guarantee the performance of contractual agreements.
  • Bid Bonds – These bonds guarantee the beginning of work following the winning of a bid.
  • Indemnity Bonds – These bonds guarantee the reimbursement of losses should a party fail to meet deadlines.
  • Fidelity Bonds – These bonds act as a form of protection against dishonesty and fraudulent activity by employees that results in a company loss.
  • Payment Bonds – These bonds act as a promise of payment to sub-contractors and vendors.
  • License Bonds – These bonds are guarantees to a state or federal agency.

Contact Jerry R. Carnahan Insurance to find out how our bonding services can be tailored to meet your Texas organization’s particular needs.

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