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How to prevent small business insurance claims

By February 15, 2018July 3rd, 2018Business Insurance

If you’re a small business owner then you know that things don’t always go to plan. Some things happen which are entirely out of your control but end up having a big impact on the running of your business and your bottom line. While you’ve got the right business insurance in San Antonio, TX to help you out, you’d ultimately rather avoid an accident in the first instance. This is where having a good risk mitigation plan comes into play. 

Check out some of the top insurance claims that affect small businesses and how you can avoid them.


Theft is unfortunately common for small businesses, especially for shop fronts with glass display fronts. While most small businesses can’t afford to implement the type of high security a big company can afford, there are a few ways you can prevent theft. Always make sure that there is adequate lighting outside and/or inside the building after hours. Also, secure the building with suitable locks, an alarm system and security cameras. Never leave valuable belongings or cash in sight, storing them away in a safe overnight.

Storm Damage

Nowhere in the nation is free from risk damage. Many properties face the aftermath of a storm with leaking roofs, water damage to stock, and loss of machinery or equipment. Be sure that your ceiling and roof have regular maintenance checks and clean blocked drain pipes. If a storm is in the forecast, turn off computers and equipment at the power point to alleviate the risk of a surge.


Another common claim seen all too often is damage to third party’s property. This can come in many forms, from damage to structures to damage to client’s vehicle, and injury. Be sure that your employees know how the equipment works and take steps to prevent damage in all shapes and forms.

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