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Insuring your new small business

By April 19, 2018April 24th, 2018Business Insurance

When starting a new business, it’s only natural for people to focus on the positives. They think about how good their idea is, how much money they’ll make and how their business is going to grow into success. They may not think about what they’re going to do if things don’t go according to plan. With the right business insurance in San Antonio, TX, your new adventure can stay well protected.

Business insurance is not just a safety net for when things go wrong. It can also be a legal requirement for businesses to carry some types of insurance. While it’s best to talk to your insurer about the specific types of coverage you’ll need, below are some of the insurance policies you may have to take out.

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

This coverage protects your business and assets should a guest or customer injures themselves on the property. Financial and legal assistance can help in the event your business is involved in a personal injury lawsuit.

Cyber Liability Insurance

More and more businesses are operating online and storing their data digitally. Unfortunately, it’s also the age of hackers and crackers. This coverage can protect your business from the expenses of recovering from a cyber-attack like malware and hacking.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is required by law, even if you have only one employee. If an employee sustains injuries at the workplace, workers’ compensation will kick in to cover medical expenses and lost wages.

Property Insurance

Whether you own or lease a space, property insurance is a must. This coverage protects equipment, signage, inventory and furniture in the event of a fire, storm or theft.

For help finding the right business insurance in San Antonio, TX to keep your company protected, contact the Texas insurance professionals at Jerry R. Carnahan Insurance.