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What could be causing your ceiling to leak?

By February 6, 2018July 3rd, 2018Personal Insurance

It happens to most homeowners at some point in time: You notice a dark stain on the ceiling or streaks on your walls. Even worse, you see droplets or a stream of water flowing from these areas. Your roof is leaking and you’re not sure what’s causing it. While home insurance in San Antonio, TX helps to keep your house well protected in disasters, you should know how to identify the source of a leaking ceiling. Here are possible causes.

Compromised Shingles

It may be due to poor installation, faulty materials or mother nature with a bad wind or hail storm. Roof shingles may have been blown off or fallen off, causing the roof to let in water. Many times, this can be spotted from the ground, however on some roofs a professional may be required to inspect.

Clogged gutters

If your gutters are full of debris and the downspouts are blocked, there’s only one way for the water to go – inside. Rainwater will pool in one area of the roof and will have more of an opportunity to seep through the cracks. Fortunately, it’s a quick fix of cleaning out the gutters and clearing the downspouts to ensure that the water flows away from the house successfully.

Condensation in the attic

As the uppermost part of your home, the attic is trapped between indoor and outdoor temperatures. When heat and cold, condensation will form and moisture will appear. Moisture build up and can cause serious damage over time. While proper ventilation will help to reduce the moisture, it’s also important to treat any mold growth and make sure roof vents are clear from the interior end.

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