Can you imagine losing your business venture due to a disaster? This is a nightmare for any owner, and can happen if you don’t have the proper coverage in place. Yet, if you do have dependable insurance, how will you keep track of everything? This is where Carnahan Insurance comes to the rescue! Carnahan SMARTGUARD can provide your company with the proper risk control.

We offer a comprehensive network of insurance companies and policies that can dramatically reduce your risk exposure in each of these areas at an affordable price. Also, we can offer you a professional outsourced risk control team that will help your business stay in compliance.

Insurance is just one facet of risk control. Internal audits, consulting interviews, policies & procedures, a benefits steward, and compliance resources also play a major role in success. Once your information has been gathered, we can then review the risk gaps for your industry and test-drive your new resources. To aid you on this journey, you will have access to our archive library of management and H.R. tools, tips, and other resources.

Carnahan SMARTGUARD can revolutionize the way you do business and strengthen the productivity of your employees. By keeping your internal systems safe from disaster, you can focus on your passion and the satisfaction of your loyal customers. Our clients are able to utilize this free service simply by working with Jerry R. Carnahan Insurance. Please do not hesitate, contact us today if you are ready to enjoy personalized expertise you can count on!


Summary of Our Benefits

  • Advisory Board- mastermind group meetings
  • Industry Risk Analysis- SWOT
  • Partner’s Page- promote your business in our advertising page as a preferred partner
  • Portal- access to our archive library of management and H.R. tools, tips, and resources
  • Social media package and networking
  • OSHA sample inspection

SMARTGUARD also offers a Virtual H. R. Department with answers to crucial business management topics and training materials for hundreds more, including:

  • An Internet security checklist
  • Health insurance news
  • Disaster recovery checklist
  • Social networking and employees
  • Sample employee handbooks
  • Legislative updates
  • Compliance posters
  • and much, much more…


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A comprehensive network of insurance companies and policies to dramatically reduce risk exposure at the best value and price

Our clients are invited to utilize this service, free of charge simply by working with us.

The exclusive Carnahan SMARTGUARD, that provides businesses with a professional outsourced risk control team