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We wrote the PDFs below to make it easier for you to get your arms around some of the most important business risks.  Carnahan Insurance provides all our business clients with SmartGuard®, a suite of tools (including on-demand HR help) that help business owners reduce and manage risks.Request your demo of this free tool now.  We are just a call or text away. Reach out to us to discuss your situation.

How to Protect Your Business from Cyber Risks

Cyber Risk…and why you should care about it!

Cyber Risk Exposure Scorecard

How exposed to cyber attacks is your business?

Lower Costs! Less headaches! Know your TrueRisk™

In addition to well-known traditional property and liability risks, most businesses have 5 additional risk- TrueRisks™- that aren’t being adequately attacked.

Are you willing to answer the business owners’ toughest question?

It’s so important – and inexpensive – to protect your business and family against the worst risk.

OSHA logs and Recordkeeping Made Easy

This service is provided free-of-charge to our business owner clients.