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How to share the road with motorcyclists

By March 20, 2018July 3rd, 2018Personal Insurance

As the temperatures warm up and the days get lighter, riders all over the country are dusting off their motorcycles and getting ready to hit the open road. If you, as a car driver, are out and about on the roads, you’ll need to know how to safely share it with other motorists, including motorcyclists. While you have your protective auto insurance in San Antonio, TX policy in place, here are some motorcycle safety tips for auto drivers.

Look 3 ways before changing lanes

Though you probably have a sense of who and what is around you, motorcyclists can sneak up on your fast and may be hidden in your blind spot. To avoid accidents, look three ways – rear view, side view, and a quick head check – before changing lanes or turning.

Always use your signal

It’s a simple action, and it allows your fellow motorists to predict your next move. Motorcyclists have to be careful on the road and are often always looking for what cars are trying to tell them. Since riders have to adjust their riding behavior based on what you do, always signal your intentions.

Take care when passing

If you need to pass a motorcyclist, signal first, then plan your move. Long before you approach the bike, move over to the next lane and stay in that lane until long after you’ve passed and you can see they are not in your blind spot. Avoid making sudden and fast moves.

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