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Spring driving safety tips

By April 24, 2018May 2nd, 2018Personal Insurance
Blog - Spring driving safety tips

It’s that time of year again when spring has finally rolled around, bringing warmer weather and brighter days. Although we can breathe a sigh of relief that winter is over, that doesn’t mean that your careful and considerate driving should go out the window. Spring breakers, active animals, and more cyclists on the road all pose for hazards for drivers. While your auto insurance in San Antonio, TX will help to keep your wallet safe, be sure to check out these driving tips for spring.

Watch Out for Runners

Many runners tend to take advantage of the nice weather to maintain their healthy lifestyle. Many runners tend to plug in their earphones and may not always hear or be aware of the traffic around them. Be sure to keep an eye out, decrease your speed and cover your horn if you notice a runner ahead.

Hibernation is Over

Spring is the time when animals come out from winter hibernation and begin searching for food. Dusk and dawn are particular times when animals are most active, so be sure to slow down and take extra care on the roads during these times. Being alert and aware of this does not only prevent unnecessary animal deaths, but also damage to your vehicle.

Bike Season is Here

Warmer weather means that cyclists and motorcyclists are likely to be on the road. This is a time when drivers should ensure that all of their windows and lights are in good condition so that they can clearly see the road and other road users can clearly see them. If you need to overtake a cyclist, be sure to leave them plenty of room and only move back over into your lane when they are far behind and out of your blind spot.

Change Your Wipers

The harsh winter weather may have wreaked havoc on your windshield wipers, reducing their effectiveness. Replacing your wipers each spring can improve your visibility during spring showers and worse.

Spring Clean Your Car Insurance

Have you taken a good look at your auto insurance lately? Let our team of licensed insurance professionals check your policy for ways to save you money. Contact Jerry R. Carnahan Insurance to learn more about protecting your vehicle in San Antonio, Texas and beyond. We’re here to help!